Welcome to Bitter Funny Life! I’m Giulia, I’m 25 and I’m currently based in Singapore. “Wanderlust” is my creed and most of the people think of me as an hyperactive girl, always on the go…and maybe they’re right! I am passionate about exploring new places and seeking out adventure at every corner, but I still love to occasionally relax and immerse myself in the beauty of nature. I was born in Turin in 1991 and studied Marketing and Communications.

After an Erasmus exchange in Madrid and a couple of internships in Hong Kong and London, I knew that I had to explore as much of the world as possible. I’ve always been infatuated with Asia and in 2015 I’ve spent a period travelling around Thailand. This led me to pack up my bags and leave Italy for Singapore. This multi-ethnic and wonderful city has provided me with the perfect springboard to further explore South East Asia and being so close to Bali has also allowed me to greatly deepen my knowledge and appreciation for yoga until becoming a certified yoga teacher!
I have attended the 200-hour RYT in Baptiste Power Vinyasa in Singapore and had the chance to participate in many of the best workshops at some of the best yoga schools that Bali has to offer.

I created Bitter Funny Life in 2013 to share my passions: travel, photography, sport, and wellness. I am writing for those of you who, like me, can’t resist exploring new places and this blog is aimed at sharing my own very personal experiences, as bitter, or as funny as they may be.

My hope is to give you a taste of my life, and hopefully inspire you to get out there and take it all in with your own eyes. Feel free to leave a comment, any recommendations, tips, or even just stop by to say hi. You can find me on FB, Instagram, Twitter, or right here on my blog. Someone once said: Travel is an addiction. There is no cure. The only treatment is to plan your next trip. Enjoy, Discover, and be Happy!

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